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Facebook Business – Useful Tips on Getting Started

In today’s society, marketing your products and advertising your business can be done by the push of a button. How is this possible? Social media networking is the key. With a number of social networking sites used by thousands of people every day, promoting products, advertising and regular news feeds about your business can be seen by both existing and potential customers.Probably the most used social networking site for a business to promote and advertise their products is Facebook. With over a billion registered users, businesses are sure to engage and attract new customers.Getting started is an easy to do process. Create a Facebook business page from the admin panel by logging into or opening a Facebook account. Additional Facebook business pages can be added if required.Once you have chosen a page template, customize it to suit your individual style. Add pictures or videos of products. Introduce your company with an explanation of what you sell, provide or produce. Upload a profile picture. This will aid customers in finding your Facebook business more easily.Promote your business related posts. Although this does cost a small fee, your post will be sponsored and appear in a higher position on newsfeeds. It is important to remember to update your posts regular. If you find this time consuming, then you can opt to schedule your posts to appear at set intervals. This is done through the clock icon in the bottom left of your business Facebook page, then selecting scheduled intervals between posts.Add Facebook hashtags to your Facebook business page. In doing so, you’re able to follow conversations and discover, what is being said about your business. Hashtags are also a means to engaging a wider audience for your business.When attracting people to your Facebook business page, it is important to keep your posts friendly, short and conversational. If selling a product, then a post with a brief description, picture and cost is all that is required. This allows room for questions on sales items to be asked by clients.Add your business location to your Facebook business pages. This appears on the timeline of your followers. Not only is this a way of promoting yourself, it also provides the location of your business.Use social plugins such as the like or share buttons on your page. The plugin buttons can be used to promote your business Facebook account by adding them to business cards, emails and monthly newsletters.If you are a new or small business considering a Facebook business page, it is important to remember the following:* Setting up and maintaining a business page takes time. Plan accordingly.
* Aim your business strategy towards social participation and goals.
* Get to know your client base
* Manage your posts frequently
*Respond to customer comments and questionsOne of the most beneficial aspects of having a business Facebook account is that you have a central place for your business to expand. Social media, is fast becoming, the new word of mouth approach to marketing a companies products.

Facebook Business Page – 3 Tips To Promote Your Business Effectively

Setting up a Facebook business page is an excellent way to reach out to existing and potential customers for your brand, product or service. To be successful, you need to maximize Facebook’s strengths in viral marketing and community interaction and take advantage of the tools available to promote your business. Here are three things to help you do just that.1) Engage Your Community Successful Facebook business page promotion is all about getting your fans engaged with your page. How do you do this? Even as you’re promoting, make the page about them. If you have a new product, store opening or any other development, ask what they think, and encourage honesty. Highlight news stories that are related to your industry or business and discuss how it may affect your customers. Of course, you have the right to moderate your page to ensure that nothing offensive and damaging appears on your page from fans.What You Can Do: · Post photos of your latest offerings· Highlight a specific product or service regularly· Comment on related industry events that may get your fans talking· Respond to wall posts, private messages and comments whenever possible· Must-do: Use Facebook’s filters against spam and offensive words to keep your page clean2) Offer Discounts or Run A ContestYou’ve probably seen other pages do this, and maybe participated in one yourself. If you’re looking to keep the fans you already have and attract more in the future, you can regularly offer exclusive Facebook discounts for your offerings, or run a Facebook contest. But execution can be tricky so it’s best to plan any special events like this carefully to measure the risks versus potential gains.What You Can Do:· Run a themed photo contest for fans that can incorporate your product or service· Offer limited-time deals, landmark discounts (i.e. for every 100th liker)· Must-do: Read Facebook’s promotional guidelines for business pages to avoid violations3) Offer Exclusive Content, Bonuses for New FansThe success of your promotional and marketing efforts will be limited if you have a small number of fans. A great way to encourage more likes is to incentivize the act with a great offer. It’ll be nice if your content is useful enough for a great many to like your page, but if you’re still in the process of building up your content, you can instead provide a freebie to show your appreciation. It may be in the form of a small discount, a free ebook or report or an informative or entertaining video. To do this, you need a fan-gated tab or reveal tab that blocks the free stuff and the rest of your page wall from non-fans.What You Can Do:· Create a reveal tab with an iFrame app, or have a software build it for you· Describe your page in the reveal tab and the freebie you’re offering for new fans· Must-do: Don’t forget a quick call to action to like your Facebook business page